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Vs. Cancer National Event, April 22 – May 1, 2022

Hosting a Vs. Cancer game this year? Our Vs. Cancer Ambassadors are rallying teams across the nation to place their game on a date between April 22- May 1. Join teams across the nation as they play as one to amplify their voice in the battle against pediatric brain tumors and other cancers. For more info on how to get started, click HERE.

Vs. Cancer Ambassadors

Vs. Cancer Ambassadors share a personal investment in providing life-changing care for kids with cancer and finding a cure for pediatric brain tumors, the deadliest childhood cancer. Comprised of current and former coaches, players, and members of the press, ambassadors’ primary responsibility is to share the Vs. Cancer mission with other coaches, in any sport, in an effort to gather more support for children and families who have experienced the diagnosis of a pediatric brain tumor or other childhood cancer.


Fundraiser Toolkit

Put these fundraising and awareness tools to work for you as you prepare for your upcoming Vs. Cancer game.