Couple Climbs Grand Teton to Conquer Childhood Cancer

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This month, longtime Vs. Cancer supporters Nathan and Alyson Rode, along with two of their friends, will travel to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming and attempt to summit the 4,000-meter peak of Grand Teton – all while raising funds and awareness for kids with cancer.

Although the hike will at times be tiring, difficult and scary, both Nathan and Alyson recognize that the stress of the climb pales in comparison to the pain and heartache a child experiences when battling cancer. Leading up to their journey and during their climb, these kids are their motivation.

Alyson, a fabulous photographer, volunteered her time and talents to shoot a family photo session for Christopher, a fun-loving, 8-year-old boy and cancer survivor. At 14 months old, Christopher was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and began chemotherapy treatment. The year following diagnosis, Christopher and his family spent every Monday at the hospital while he received treatment.

Photo Credit: Alyson Rode

Like any Vs. Cancer fundraiser, proceeds are split between the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s research programs and a local children’s hospital of the fundraiser’s choosing. Nathan and Alyson have selected the hospital where Christopher was treated, Duke Children’s Hospital. Since 2013, Vs. Cancer supporters have raised over $55,000 to support Duke Children’s Hospital.

Alyson and Nathan depart on July 17 for their climb. Nathan has committed to shaving his head on the mountain’s peak in true Vs. Cancer fashion. To support their fundraising campaign, you can donate here.

For information on starting your own Vs. Cancer fundraiser, email info@vs-cancer.org or call 980-925-7557.