Childhood Cancer Survivor Rallies Missouri Lacrosse State Championship Teammates to Give Back Through Vs. Cancer

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Ross Buchman, senior lacrosse player at Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School (MICDS) in St. Louis, Missouri, is a stand-out athlete, captain of his high school lacrosse team, state champion, and future University of Vermont men’s lacrosse team member. He is also a childhood cancer survivor.

Buchman knows the importance of funding research and hospital programs for pediatric cancer, and the cause is dear to him. His goal for getting his team involved with a fundraising effort through Vs. Cancer was simply to support kids in St. Louis battling cancer and help fund research so that one day, no child will have to battle this terrible disease.

Half of Vs. Cancer’s proceeds go to fund groundbreaking research through the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, while the other half funds child-life programs at a children’s hospital of the team’s choice. Buchman remembers how important games, activities, and events at the hospital were for him while he was receiving cancer treatments. “Looking back at my time in the hospital, I fondly remember all the little ‘perks,’ like playing video games, and I know how important stuff like that is to cancer patients.”

Buchman saw the benefit the fundraiser had on his team. “Vs. Cancer was the perfect organization for our team because of how easy it is to raise money. This fundraiser has brought our team together in support of something bigger than ourselves. It is an amazing experience being able to help others.” The team also cut their hair to show support for every child battling cancer.

The MICDS Boy’s Lacrosse team, which recently won the Missouri Lacrosse State Championship, raised over $5,900 in their first year fundraising with Vs. Cancer. They have selected St. Louis Children’s Hospital to receive 50% of the proceeds they raised. Thank you to this amazing group of athletes for being #VsCancer!

Interested in getting your team involved with Vs. Cancer? Send us an email at info@vs-cancer.org or give us a call at 980-925-7557.