2021 Vs. Cancer National Event

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Pediatric brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer-related death among children (age 0-19) and brain tumors are the most common type of cancer in children in the United States. By competing together, with one voice, you can change the game for kids with cancer. Conceived by coaches for coaches, our inaugural Vs. Cancer National Event, slated for April 16 – 25, promises to involve more teams and bring more resources and attention to the mission of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation than ever before.

As the world’s leading nonprofit committed to children and teens with brain tumors, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s mission is simple, yet powerful: Care. Cure. Thrive. Your support makes this possible, providing care for families, fueling research to cure childhood brain tumors, and helping families Thrive after diagnosis.

We are encouraging all organized sport teams at all levels to gather their teammates to fundraise with Vs. Cancer for an unforgettable season punctuated by a National Event experience so that children can enjoy a brighter future. As a signature fundraising campaign of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, your Vs. Cancer fundraising proceeds are invested to help fuel child life programs at near-by hospitals and fund national pediatric brain tumor research.

So how can my team get involved you ask? It as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Set Your Game. Visit vs-cancer.org/contact/ to submit your info and set your game on a date between April 16-25.
  2. Start Your Fundraising. Fundraise today through your game date. We’ll set up your online fundraiser.
  3. Cure Kid’s Cancer. Celebrate with the Vs. Cancer community in April!

Don’t have a home game in this April window? That’s okay! Get your opponent involved or schedule your game for another date.

Our goal is aggressive, but it must be if we want to cure the deadliest cancer facing our country’s children, especially as ONLY 1% of federal research funding is solely directed to pediatric brain tumor research.

Now more than ever, these families need our help. Click: vs-cancer.org/contact/ & submit your info to get started now!