Vs. Cancer Ambassadors Program

Vs. Cancer Ambassadors share a personal investment in providing life-changing care for kids with cancer and finding a cure for pediatric brain tumors, the deadliest childhood cancer. Comprised of current and former coaches, players, and members of the press, ambassadors’ primary responsibility is to share the Vs. Cancer mission with other coaches, in any sport, in an effort to gather more support for children and families who have experienced the diagnosis of a pediatric brain tumor or other childhood cancer.

Baseball Vs. Cancer Ambassadors

Pediatric brain cancer survivor, former collegiate baseball player and Vs. Cancer founder Chase Jones will serve as co-chair of the inaugural Baseball Vs. Cancer Ambassadors class, alongside Greg DiCenzo, Baseball Head Coach at College of the Holy Cross. The Vs. Cancer Ambassadors program will expand in 2020 to include members from lacrosse, softball, soccer and other athletic communities.

*Vs. Cancer Ambassadors Co-chair

Want to get your team involved in Vs. Cancer? It’s easy! Email us at info@vs-cancer.org or call 980-925-7557 to get started.