Vs. Cancer Research Fellow selected through partnership with the V. Foundation

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Because of your support this past year, we are able to make an even bigger commitment to research through our partnership with the V. Foundation for Cancer Research.

In conjunction with the V. Foundation, Vs. Cancer awarded St. Jude Children’s Hospital’s, Dr. Paul Northcott, a $200,000 grant.

drpaulnorthcottDr. Northcott is investigating medulloblastomas, the most common and aggressive types of malignant brain cancer in children. “As a PhD student and postdoctoral fellow, I invested over 10 years investigating the genetics and epigenetics responsible for medulloblastoma development, identifying biologically and clinically relevant insights into how this deadly pediatric brain tumor develops and why some patients respond very well to current treatments whereas others unfortunately have a dismal outcome.” Northcott said.  “Now in my own lab at St. Jude, I am taking these discoveries to the next level and using state-of-the-art approaches to better understand how specific gene mutations cause medulloblastoma and determine whether these mutations can be exploited to more effectively treat the disease. These studies are a vital next-step towards a cure as we transition from an era of discovering and cataloguing mutated genes to one of functional validation and development of novel, molecularly targeted therapies.”

Together, we are making history, touching every aspect of how a kid fights cancer. Together, we are making the lives of kids currently fighting a little easier, and investing in research to help kids who will fight in the future.

Thank you to our partners in research!