Furman Baseball: Helping Kids Feel Like Kids Again

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My name is Brant Masters and I am a former pitcher for Furman University.

Furman taught me so much. I learned how to throw a sinker, manage my time, and how to fight for a starting spot. I eventually learned that as I was fighting for a position on the field, there are kids fighting for their lives.

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Our first Vs. Cancer event was my junior year. The night of our childhood awareness game I met a girl named Jasmine who was battling cancer. She was in 4th grade and came to be honored during the game.

A few months later I had just played in my first games back from Tommy John Surgery. I will never forget walking into the locker room after the game to our coach informing us that Jasmine had lost her battle with cancer.

I was worried about fighting for a spot in the bullpen, fighting for something I thought I deserved. Yet, all I could think about was the little girl that had been fighting for her life, fighting against a disease she didn’t deserve.

imageThat’s when I began playing to help others instead of for personal gain.

Senior year arrived and my goal was to walk away knowing I used every chance I could to help somebody. The problem was….how? VS. CANCER.

That’s how. I knew our 2014 Vs. Cancer Campaign was going to be how I made the difference. Vs. Cancer made it easy, and had given me the chance to use my platform as an athlete in many ways.

As a team we raised almost $40,000 that year. Part of which allowed Greenville Hospital to build a lobby that provided space for kids to be kids again.

That night Jasmine’s parents thanked me, not for the money or shaving my head, but for what we did for their daughter. For one night we helped Jasmine feel like a kid again.

That’s when I realized what Vs. Cancer is trying to do. It’s not only about finding a cure, but also helping kids be kids again along the way.

Because of Jasmine, Furman Baseball grew closer & my life had a new perspective. I am grateful for Vs. Cancer for not only changing the way I viewed baseball but also changing my perspective in life.