Coaches Corner: Interview with Marty Ward of FL Southern Lacrosse.

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Marty Ward, the head lacrosse coach at Florida Southern has taken the time to answer some key questions about his teams’ dedication to Vs. Cancer and impact that the organization has had on his team over the years.

Florida Southern was very receptive to working with Vs. Cancer right off the bat. When asked about his reasons for working with Vs. Cancer, Coach Ward says that his “program is 50% personal and 50% player development and Vs. Cancer foundation humbles us in a way that we are very grateful for.” They have used service off of the field to develop the team in a way that is entirely different from what they learn on the field.

We always like to ask our coaches how they think Vs. Cancer has contributed to their success. Coach Ward’s response was that “the Vs. Cancer foundation helped us get from not only becoming a tighter team but also become a closer family that works with each other for a greater cause; children’s cancer. The organization helps our program in all DSC_0184dimensions of our programs philosophy of Family – Toughness – Heart (FTH).”

As one of the only universities in Florida that consistently works with Vs. Cancer, it is evident that Florida Southern is dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer. When asked where their commitment to the cause and the organization comes from, Coach Ward says that “We strive at Florida Southern to not only become a great lacrosse team but also become great people while going through the program, we have five core values of Selflessness, Accountability, Enthusiasm, Competitiveness, and Appreciation. These five core values all play a vital role in our programs dedication to helping the Vs. Cancer foundation.”

Coach Ward spoke candidly about what it is like to know that his team is saving lives by working with Vs. Cancer and says that “As a coach you hope to help as many people as you can along your journey in touching lives, the opportunity to extend help to young people even outside of your reach is even more important, with the Vs. Cancer foundation partnership Florida Southern Lacrosse is very humbled to help the children fighting cancer each day. The fight is always tough but the will to beat it, is what makes you tougher.”

When it comes to the possibility of other teams working with Vs. Cancer, Coach Ward says “DO IT! Help any way you can, the foundation is easy and very streamlined, it is a total stress free way to help raise money for a great cause!” Furthermore, he shared a powerful closing statement. For anyone reading this, Coach Ward says to “Never stop fighting, never give up, keep on digging deep, and believe in the process of becoming great.”

We are very fortunate to work with universities that have coaches like Coach Marty Ward of Florida Southern. It is with their hard work and dedication to our organization that Vs. Cancer is able to make a difference in children’s’ lives each and every day. We hope that these words by Coach Ward have inspired you to join the fight!DSC_0143