Coaches Corner: A Note from Pete Hughes, University of Oklahoma

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I am a father of five, and my kids are not affected by cancer.

However, that is just not the case for so many families. This cancer battle, which I think is a true epidemic, affects so many people. Further, to know and see that cancer affects kids of all ages (like mine), meant that we were all in on trying to make a difference.

coachhughesWhat separated Vs. Cancer for Oklahoma was two things: one, this was started by a former student-athlete, and two, we knew exactly what cause the money we raised went two.

Our team was sold when learning that a college baseball player launched Vs. Cancer. To them, even in the peak of being healthy and in fantastic shape, it was a fellow college athlete that underwent this disease. It affected somebody just like them. This was real, and moreso, our guys knew they could do something about it.

I was also insistent on the majority of funds we raised went back to the cause- which Vs. Cancer does. Half of the proceeds go to national childhood cancer research to find a cure, and the other half back to the children’s hospital we visit regularly in Oklahoma.

OKLAHOMAGROUPSHOTTruly, though, it’s about the guys embracing it, which they did. They were invested: they took ownership, they raised money, they were emotionally involved. Vs. Cancer made it simple with the platform to make it happen, and our guys made it a core part of our program.

Vs. Cancer extended far beyond the clubhouse – it quickly became a team activity that turned into a full athletic department activity that turned into an entire community event. Now, this idea of helping children with cancer goes way beyond our baseball program.

-Pete Hughes, Head Coach, University of Oklahoma

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